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What are the various diameters available for the SOFIJET needle and how do you recognise them?

30G: 0.30 mm: Yellow label
27G: 0.40 mm: Grey label
25G: 0.50 mm: Orange label

What is the lifespan of a needle?

A needle remains sterile for 5 years.

What is the hub?

It is the threaded plastic part of the needle.
It constitutes the support for the cannula (the ground stainless steel tube) and enables the needle to be screwed onto and unscrewed from the syringe.

What is the difference between a standard needle and an XL needle?

The external diameter of the tube is the same but the internal diameter of the tube of the XL needle is wider, which enables the dentist to exert less pressure when carrying out an injection.
The anaesthetic flow is broader and slower, which is more comfortable for the patient and makes anaesthesia gentler.

What is the difference between a needle with an inch thread (American or non-metric) and a metric (or European) thread?

American needles have a thread which is suitable for inch thread syringes, while European needles have a thread which is suitable for metric thread syringes.


This is a secure injection system which protects the dentist and his or her assistant from risks of accidental needle-stick injuries after performing the injection thanks to its sliding sheath.